Tephrosia pumila – Indigo Sauvage

Other notes

Natural History: Native Annual Herb.
It is a creeping herb with velvety-hairy compound leaves, distributed from tropical Africa to northern Australia. The flowers are pea-like, white or sometimes with a pinkish tinge, and are clustered in 1-3 flowered racemes. The fruits are flat, oblong, velvety-hairy pods. Flowering occurs almost throughout the year (Flowers of India 2024; WFO 2024).

Note: This plant has been recorded as a new larval host plant for Freyeria putli – Black-spotted Grass Jewel and Zizina otis – Lesser Grass Blue by Rajesh Prabhakar Mahajan from Vadodara, Gujarat in April 2020. (note added on 22 Jan. 2024)

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Page citation

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