The following species are legally protected in India under various Schedules of the WildLife (Protection) Amendment Act, 2022 ('WPAA'). The WildLife (Protection) Amendment Act, 2022 supersedes WildLife (Protection) Act, 1972 ('WPA'), which had also listed species under various Schedules. Notes are provided where listing of species has changed between these two Acts.

See further listings, such as IUCN Red List species and CITES-listed species, below the WPA Schedules.




         Family Papilionidae

  1. Byasa crassipes – Black Windmill
  2. Parnassius delphius (extralimital, i.e., does not occur in India)

    Family Pieridae
  3. Delias sanaca – Pale Jezebel

    Family Nymphalidae
  4. Algia fasciata – Branded Yeoman (previously listed at its subspecies level, Algia fasciata fasciata – Oriental Branded Yeoman, in WPA)
  5. Athyma jina – Bhutan Sergeant (previously listed at its subspecies level, Athyma jina jina – Sullied Bhutan Sergeant, in WPA)
  6. Athyma reta moorei – Malay Lesser Sergeant (=Malay Staff Sergeant in WPAA)
  7. Bassarona durga – Blue Duke (=Euthalia durga in WPAA. Previously listed at its subspecies level, Bassarona durga splendens – Splendid Blue Duke, in WPA.)
  8. Calinaga buddha – Orange-breasted Freak (=Freak in WPAA and WPA)
  9. Callerebia narasingha narasingha – Himalayan Mottled Argus (=Loxerebia narasingha in WPAA. Previously listed at its subspecies level, Callerebia narasingha narasingha – Himalayan Mottled Argus, in WPA)
  10. Charaxes durnfordi – Chestnut Rajah (previously listed at its subspecies level, Charaxes durnfordi nicholi – Myanmarese Chestnut Rajah, in WPA)
  11. Charaxes moori sandakanus – Margined Malayan Nawab (=Polyura moori sandakana – Malayan Nawab in WPAA and WPA)
  12. Charaxes schreiber – Blue Nawab (=Polyura schreiber in WPA)
  13. Dilipa morgiana – Golden Emperor (genus name misspelt in WPAA, as Dillpa)
  14. Discophora sondaica – Common Duffer (previously listed at its subspecies level, Discophora sondaica zal – Indian Common Duffer, in WPA)
  15. Discophora deo – Yellow-banded Duffer (=Banded Duffer in WPAA. Previously listed at its subspecies level, Discophora deo deo – Myanmarese Yellow-banded Duffer, in WPA.)
  16. Elymnias peali – Brahmaputra Palmfly (=Peal's Palmfly in WPAA and WPA)
  17. Elymnias penanga – Pointed Palmfly (previously listed at its subspecies level, Elymnias penanga chelensis – Khasi Pointed Palmfly, in WPA)
  18. Euploea roepstorffi – Large-spotted King Crow (listed as Euploea midamus roepstorffi – Andaman King Crow in WPAA. Not covered earlier in WPA.)
  19. Euthalia iva – Grand Duke (previously listed at its subspecies level, Euthalia iva iva – Himalayan Grand Duke, in WPA)
  20. Euthalia khama curvifascia – Naga Curved Duke (=Euthalia curvifascia – Naga Duke in WPAA and WPA)
  21. Euthalia telchinia – Blue Baron
  22. Lasiommata menava – Dark Wall
  23. Lethe europa – Bamboo Treebrown (not covered earlier in WPA)
  24. Lethe gulnihal – Dull Forester (previously listed at its subspecies level, Lethe gulnihal gulnihal – Himalayan Dull Forester, in WPA)
  25. Lethe margaritae – Bhutan Treebrown
  26. Lethe ocellata – Dismal Mystic (previously listed at its subspecies level, Lethe ocellata lyncus – Himalayan Dismal Mystic, in WPA)
  27. Lethe satyavati – Pallid Forester
  28. Neptis ebusa ebusa – Fuliginous Sailer (extralimital, i.e., does not occur in India. The currently accepted scientific name of this species is Lasippa ebusa ebusa, not under Neptis ebusa ebusa.)
  29. Neptis nycteus – Hockeystick Sailer (previously listed at its subspecies level, Neptis nycteus nycteus – Sikkim Hockeystick Sailer, in WPA)
  30. Nymphalis antiopa yedanula – Himalayan Mourning Cloak (listed in WPAA with the English name, Camberwell Beauty. Previously listed at species level, Nymphalis antiopa – Camberwell Beauty, in WPA)
  31. Phaedyma aspasia – Great Hockeystick Sailer (=Hockeystick Sailer in WPAA, same as Neptis nycteus)
  32. Prothoe franck regalis – Regal Blue Begum (listed as Blue Begum, in WPAA and WPA)
  33. Sasakia funebris – Empress
  34. Sephisa chandra – Eastern Courtier (previously listed at its subspecies level, Sephisa chandra chandra – Indian Eastern Courtier, in WPA. Genus misspelt as 'Sophisa' in WPAA.)
  35. Stichophthalma camadeva – Northern Junglequeen (=Northern Jungle Queen in WPAA)
  36. Ypthima persimilis – Plain Five-ring (=Manipur Five-ring in WPAA)

    Family Lycaenidae
  37. Ahlbergia leechii – Ferruginous Hairstreak
  38. Allotinus drumila – Crenulate Mottle (=Great Darkie in WPAA. Previously listed at its subspecies level, Allotinus drumila drumila – Himalayan Crenulate Mottle, in WPA.)
  39. Amblopala avidiena – Red Hairstreak (previously listed at its subspecies level, Amblopala avidiena avidiena – Chinese Red Hairstreak, in WPA)
  40. Arhopala ace – White-lined Oakblue (previously listed at its subspecies level, Arhopala ace arata – Manipur White-lined Oakblue, in WPA)
  41. Arhopala alea – Sahyadri Rosy Oakblue (previously not listed under WPA)
  42. Arhopala ariel – Tiny Oakblue
  43. Arhopala arvina – Purple-brown Tailless Oakblue (previously listed at its subspecies level, Arhopala arvina ardea – Assam Purple-brown Tailless Oakblue, in WPA)
  44. Arhopala asopia – Plain Tailless Oakblue
  45. Arhopala comica – Comic Oakblue
  46. Arhopala opalina – Opal Oakblue (previously listed at its subspecies level, Arhopala opalina opalina – Khasi Opal Oakblue, in WPA)
  47. Arhopala zeta – Andaman Tailless Oakblue
  48. Charana cepheis – Scarce Mandarin Blue
  49. Chrysozephyrus letha (=Thecla letha – Watson’s Hairstreak in WPAA)
  50. Drupadia scaeva – Blue Posy (previously listed at its subspecies level, Drupadia scaeva cyara – Himalayan Blue Posy, in WPA)
  51. Euaspa pavo – Peacock Hairstreak
  52. Heliophorus hybrida – Hybrid Sapphire
  53. Hypolycaena othona othona – Oriental Orchid Tit (previously listed at its subspecies level, Hypolycaena othona othona – Oriental Orchid Tit, in WPA. Misplaced under Nymphalidae, and included under the misspelt genus Chlioria, rather than Chliaria, in WPAA.)
  54. Jamides ferrari ferrari – Nicobar Purplish Cerulean
  55. Liphyra brassolis – Moth Butterfly (previously listed at its subspecies level, Liphyra brassolis brassolis – Continental Moth Butterfly, in WPA)
  56. Logania watsoniana – White-disc Mottle (=Watson’s Mottle in WPAA)
  57. Miletus symethus – Great Mottle (=Gerydus symethus – Great Brownie in WPAA. Previously listed at its subspecies level, Miletus symethus petronius – Naga Great Mottle, in WPA.)
  58. Notarthrinus binghami – Purple Hedge Blue
  59. Oreolyce dohertyi – Naga Hedge Blue
  60. Shirozuozephyrus paona – Paona Hairstreak (previously listed at its subspecies level, Shirozuozephyrus paona paona, in WPA)
  61. Simiskina phalena – Broad-branded Brilliant (previously listed at its subspecies level, Simiskina phalena harterti – Himalayan Broad-branded Brilliant, in WPA)
  62. Satyrium mackwoodi – Two-tailed Hairstreak (=Strymon mackwoodi – Mackwood’s Hairstreak in WPAA)
  63. Tajuria yajna – Chestnut-and-Black Royal (previously listed at its subspecies level, Tajuria yajna yajna – West Himalayan Chestnut-and-Black Royal, in WPA)

    Family Riodinidae
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Family Lycaenidae: Andaman Tailless Oakblue Arhopala zeta Blue Posy Drupadia scaeva Broad-banded Brilliant Simiskina phalena Cachar Mandarine Blue Charana cepheis Chapman’s Hedge Blue Notarthrinus binghami Chestnut-and-black Royal Tajuria yajna Chinese Hairstreak Amblopala avidiena Chocolate Bushblue Arhopala ariel Comic Oakblue Arhopala comica Ferrar’s Cerulean Jamides ferrari Ferruginous Hairstreak Ahlbergia leechii Great Brownie Gerydus symethus Great Darkie Allotinus drumila Hybrid Sapphire Heliophorus hybrida Kanara Oakblue Arhopala alea Mackwood’s Hairstreak Strymon mackwoodi Moth Butterfly Liphyra brassolis Naga Hedge Blue Oreolyce dohertyi Opal Oakblue Arhopala opalina Paona Hairstreak Shirozuozephyrus paona Peacock Hairstreak Euaspa pavo Plain Tailless Oakblue Arhopala asopia Purple-brown Tailless Oakblue Arhopala arvina Tytler’s Dull Oakblue Arhopala ace Watson’s Hairstreak Thecla letha Watson’s Mottle Logania watsoniana

Family Nymphalidae: Andaman King Crow Euploea midamus roepstorffi Bamboo Tree Brown Lethe europa Banded Duffer Discophora deo Bhutan Sergeant Athyma jina Bhutan Treebrown Lethe margaritae Blue Baron Euthalia telchinia Blue Begam Prothoe franck regalis Blue Duke Euthalia durga Blue Nawab Polyura schreiber Branded Yeoman Algia fasciata Camberwell Beauty Nymphalis antiopa yedanula Chestnut Rajah Charaxes durnfordi Common Duffer Discophora sondaica Dark Wall Lasiommata menava Dismal Mystic Lethe ocellata Dull Forester Lethe gulnihal Eastern Courtier Sophisa chandra Empress Sasakia funebris Freak Calinaga buddha Fuliginous Sailer Neptis ebusa ebusa Golden Emperor Diilpa morgiana Grand Duke Euthalia iva Hockeystick Sailer Neptis nycteus Hockeystick Sailer Phaedyma aspasia Malay Staff Sergeant Athyma reta moorei Malayan Nawab Polyura moori sandakana Manipur Fivering Ypthima persimilis Mottled Argus Loxerebia narasingha Naga Duke Euthalia curvifascia Northern Jungle Queen Stichophthalma camadeva Orchid Tit Chlioria othona Pallid Forester Lethe satyavati Peal’s Palmfly Elymnias peali Pointed Palmfly Elymnias penaga Purple Bushbrown [RESTART HERE] Mycalesis orseis Scarce Blue Tiger Tirumala gautama Scarce Catseye Coelites nothis Scarce Jester Symbrenthia silana Scarce Lilacfork Lethe dura Scarce Red Forester Lethe distans Scarce Siren Hestina nicevillei Scarce White Commodore Sumalia zulema Single Silverstripe Lethe ramadeva Spotted Black Crow Euploea crameri Tawny Emperor Chitoria ulupi Tytler’s Emperor Eulaceura manipurensis Tytler’s Treebrown Lethe gemina White Emperor Helcyra hemina White Spot Fritilliary Argynnis hegmone Family Papilionidae Banded Apollo Parnassius delphius Black Windmill Byasa crassipes Chinese Windmill Byasa plutonius Common Clubtail Losaria coon de Niceville’s Windmill Byasa polla Hannyngton Apollo Parnassius hannyngtoni Himalayan Bhutan Glory Bhutanitis lidderdalii Imperial Apollo Parnassius imperator Kaiser-i-Hind Teinopalpus imperialis Krishna Peacock Papilio krishna Ladak Banded Apollo Parnassius stoliczkanus Malabar Banded Swallowtail Papilio liomedon Mystical Bhutan Glory Bhutanitis ludlowi Nevill’s Windmill Byasa nevilli Varnished Apollo Parnassius acco Yellow-crested Spangle Papilio elephenor Family Pieridae Butler’s Dwarf Baltia butleri Dwarf Clouded Yellow Colias dubia Green Banded White Pieris krueperi Lemon Clouded Yellow Colias thrasibulus Pale Jezabel Delias sanaca


Family Hesperiidae Indian Ace Halpe homolea Orange-tailed Awlet Badamia sena

Family Lycaenidae Albocerulean Udara albocaerulea Assam Pierrot Tarucus waterstradti Banded Royal Eliotiana jalindra Barred Lineblue Prosotas aluta Bhutya Lineblue Prosotas bhutea Black Cupid Tongeia kala Black-branded Royal Tajuria culta Blue Darkie Allotinus subviolaceus Blue Gem Poritia erycinoides Blue Quaker Pithecops fulgens Blue Tit Chliaria kina Branded Royal Tajuria melastigma Branded Yamfly Yasoda tripunctata Broad Spark Sinthusa chandrana Brown Tit Hypolycaena theclodies nicobarica Cerulean Hairstreak Neozephyrus suroia Chestnut-and-black Royal Tajuria yajna Chinese Royal Tajuria luculenia Chocolate Royal Remelana jangala Chumbi Green Underwing Patricius younghusbandi Common Gem Poritia hewiisoni Common Tinsel Catapoecilma major Dark Blue Royal Pratapa icetas mishmia Dark Mottle Logania distanti Dark Tinsel Acupicta delicatum de Niceville’s Dull Oakblue Amblypodia agrata Dull Green Hairstreak Esakiozephyrus icana Dusky Bushblue Arhopala paraganesa Dusky Meadow Blue Alpherakya devanica Elwes’ Silverline Spindasis elwesi Falcate Oakblue Mahathala ameria Felder’s Lineblue Catopyrops ancyra Frosted Cerulean Jamides kankena Glazed Oakblue Arhopala paralea Great Spotted Blue Phengaris atroguttata Green Flash Artipe eryx Green Sapphire Helipphorus androcles Hampson’s Hedge Blue Acytolepis lilacea Hedge Cupid Bothrinia chennelli Hewitson’s Dull Oakblue Arhopala oenea Indigo Flash Rapala varuna Jakama Hairstreak Shirozuozephyrus jakamensis Kabru Green Hairstreak Chrysozephyrus kabrua Khaki Silverline Spindasis rukmini Kirbari Hairstreak Shirozguozephyrus kirbariensis Large Fourlineblue Nacaduba pactolus Lilac Oakblue Arhopala camdeo Lilac Oakblue Arhopala camdeo Lilac Silverline Apharitis lilacinus Lister’s Haigstreak Pamela dudgeonii Long-banded Silverline Spindasis lohita Malayan Magisba malaya Many-tailed Oakblue Thaduka multicaudata Metallic Cerulean Jamides alecto Metallic Hedge Blue Callenya melaena Moore’s Cupid Shijimia moorei Naga Saphire Heliophorus kohimensis Narrow Spark Sinthusa nasaka Nilgiri Tit Hypolycaena nilgirica Pale Bushblue Arhopala aberrans Pale Four-lineblue Nacaduba hermus Pale Grand Imperial Neocheritra fabronia Pale Spark Sinthusa virgo Pallid Oakblue Amblypodia alesia Pallid Royal Tajuria albiplaga Peacock Royal Tajuria cippus Plain Plushblue Flos apidanus Plane Bindahara phocides Pointed Ciliate Blue Anthene lycaenina Pointed Lineblue Ionolyce helicon Pointed Pierrot Niphanda cymbia Powdered Green Hairstreak Chrysozephyrus zoa Red Imperial Suasa lisides Refulgent Flash Rapala refulgens Royal Cerulean Jamides caeruleus Scarce Shot Silverline Spindasis elima Scarce Silverstreak Blue Traota rochana Scarce Slate Flash Rapala scintilla Shot Flash Rapala buxaria Silver Hairstreak Inomataozephyrus syla Silver Royal Ancema blanka Silver-grey Silverline Spindasis nipalicus Silver-Streaked Acacia Blue Zinaspa todara Small Green Underwing Albulina metailica Spotless Oakblue Arhopala fulla Spotted Pierrot Tarucus callinara Straight Pierrot Caleta roxus Straightline Royal Tajuria diaeus Straightwing Blue Orthomiella pontis Sylhet Oakblue Arhopala silhetensis Tailless Bushblue Amblypodia ganesa Tailless Lineblue Prosotas dubiosa Tailless Metallic Green Hairstreak Shirozuozephyrus khasia Tailless Plushblue Flos areste Tamil Oakblue Arhopala bazaloides Truncate Imperial Cheritrella truncipennis Tytler’s Green Hairstreak Chrysozephyrus vittatus Tytler’s Lascar Pantoporia bieti paona Tytler’s Rosy Oakblue Arhopala ailata suffusa Una Una usta Uncertain Royal Tajuria ister Violet Onyx Horaga onyx Violet Onyx Horaga albimacula White Cerulean Jamides pura White Royal Pratapa deva White Royal Tajuria illurgioides White Royal Tajuria illurgis White-spotted Hairstreak Shizuyaozephyrus ziha White-tipped Lineblue Prosotas noreia Witch Araotes lapithis Wonderful Hairstreak Thermozephyrus ataxus zulla

Family Nymphalidae: Autumn Leaf Doleschallia bisaltide Bamboo Treebrown Lethe europa Banded Marquis Euthalia teuta Black Rajah Charaxes solon Blackvein Sergeant Athyma ranga Blue Duchess Euthalia duda Blue Forester Lethe scanda Blue Oakleaf Kallima horsfieldi Blue-tailed Jester Symbrenthia niphanda Branded Evening Brown Cyllogenes suradeva Broad-banded Sailer Neptis sankara Broadstick Sailer Neptis narayana Bronze Duke Euthalia nara Brown Argus Ypthima hyagriva Brown Forester Lethe serbonis Brown Prince Rohana parvata Chestnut-streaked Sailer Neptis jumbah China Nawab Polyura narcaeus Chinese Bushbrown Mycalesis gotama Chinese Yellow Sailer Neptis cydippe kirbariensis Clear Sailer Neptis clinia Clipper Parthenos sylvia Comma Polygonia c -album Commodore Auzakia danava Common Archduke Lexias pardalis jadeitina Common Baron Euthalia aconthea Common Beak Libythea lepita Common Forester Lethe insana Common Nawab Polyura athamas Courtesan Euripus nyctelius Creamy Sailer Neptis soma Danaid Egefly Hypolimnas misippus Dark Archduke Lexias dirtea Dark Baron Euthalia merta Dark Forester Lethe brisanda Dark Forester Lethe goalpara De Niceville’s Bushbrown Mycalesis misenus Desert Fourring Ypthima bolanica Dot-dash Sergeant Athyma kanwa Dusky Labyrinth Neope yama Eastern Fivering Ypthima similis False Comma Polygonia c-album Freak Calinaga buddha French Duke Euthalia franciae Grand Duchess Euthalia patala Great Archduke Lexias cyanipardus Great Evening Brown Melanitis zitenius Great Sergeant Athyma larymna Great Yellow Sailer Neptis radha Grey Baron Euthalia anosia Grey Commodore Bhagadatta austenia Grey Count Cynitia lepidea Highbrown Silverspot Argynnis jainadeva Jewelled Nawab Polyura delphis Jezabel Palmfly Elymnias vasudeva Large Tawny Wall Raphicera satricus Lavender Count Cynitia cocytus Lepcha Bushbrown Mycalesis lepcha Long-branded Blue Crow Euploea algea Malabar Tree Nymph Idea malabarica Manipur Goldenfork Lethe kabrua Manipur Woodbrown Lethe kanjupkula Many-tufted Bushbrown Mycaleisis mystes Marbled Map Cyrestis cocles Moeller‘s Silverfork Lethe moelleri Mongol Araschnia prorsoides dohertyi Moore’s Bushbrown Mycalesis heri Mountain Silverspot Issoria altissima Naga Treebrown Lethe naga Painted Courtesan Euripus consimilis Pale Forester Lethe latiaris Pale Green Sailer Neptis zaida Pale Hockeystick Sailer Neptis manasa manasa Pallid Argus Callerebia scanda Panther Neurosigma siva Pasha Herona marathus Plain Bushbrown Mycalesis malsarida Plain Threering Ypthima lycus Queen of Spain Fritillary Issoria lathonia Red Lacewing Cethosia biblis Red-spot Duke Euthalia evelina Ringed Argus Callerebia annada Scarce Blue Oakleaf Kallima knyvetti Scarce Evening Brown Cyllogenes janetae Scarce Mountain Argus Erebia kalinda kalinda Scarce Red Forester Lethe distans Scarce Tawny Rajah Charaxes aristogiton Scarce Wall Lasiommata maerula Scarce Woodbrown Lethe siderea Sergeant Emperor Mimathyma chevana Shandur Rockbrown Chazara heydenreichi Short-banded Sailer Phaedyma columella Silverstreak Argynnis clara Siren Hestina persimilis Small Goldenfork Lethe atkinsoni Small Leopard Phalanta alcippe Small Silverfork Lethe jalaurida Small Woodbrown Lethe nicetella Sordid Emperor Chitoria sordida Spotted Blue Crow Euploea midamus Spotted Mystic Lethe tristigmata Spotted Palmfly Elymnias malelas Spotted Sailer Neptis magadh khasiana Stately Nawab Polyura dolon Striped Ringlet Ragadia crisilda Studded Sergeant Pantoporia asura Tailed Red Forester Lethe sinorix Tamil Catseye Zipotis saitis Tamil Lacewing Cethosia nietneri Tawny Rajah Charaxes bernardus Tibetan Jewel Blue Phengaris eversmanni Tibetan Satyr Oeneis buddha Travancore Evening Brown Parantirrhoea marshalli Treble Silverstripe Lethe baladeva Unbroken Sergeant Athyma pravara Variegated Fivering Ypthima methora Variegated Rajah Charaxes kahruba Variegated Sailer Neptis armandia Veined Labyrinth Lethe pulaha Watson’s Bushbrown Mycalesis adamsoni Wavy Maplet Chersonesia intermedia White Commodore Parasarpa dudu White Oakleaf Kallima albofasciata White Owl Neorina patria Whitebar Bushbrown Mycalesis anaxias White-edged Bushbrown Mycalesis mestra White-edged Woodbrown Lethe visrava White-ringed Meadowbrown Hyponephele davendra Wizard Rhinopalpa polynice Wood-Mason’s Bushbrown Mycalesis suaveolens Yellow Argus Paralasa mani Yellow Kaiser Penthema lisarda Yellow Owl Neorina hilda Yellow Rajah Charaxes marmax Yellowjack Sailer Lasippa viraja nar

Family Papilionidae: Andaman Mormon Papilio mayo Blue-striped Mime Papilio slateri Brown Gorgon Meandrusa lachinus Chain Swordtail Graphium aristeus Chinese Windmill Byasa plutonius Common Banded Peacock Papilio crino Common Bluebottle Graphium sarpedon Common Mime Chilasa clytia Common Red Apollo Parnassius epaphus Common Yellow Swallowtail Papilio machaon Crimson Rose Pachliopta hector Fourbar Swordtail Graphium agetes Glassy Bluebottle Graphium cloanthus Golden Birdwing Troides aeacus aeacus Great Blue Mime Papilio paradoxa Great Jay Graphium eurypylus Green Dragontail Lamproptera meges virescens Keeled Apolio Parassius jacquemonti Lesser Mime Papilio epycides Malabar Banded Peacock Papilio buddha Regal Apollo Parnassius charltonius Rose Windmill Byasa latreillei Scarce Jay Graphium albociliatis Southern Birdwing Troides minos Spotted Jay Graphium arycles Spotted Zebra Graphium megarus Tailed Redbreast Papilio bootes

Family Pieridae: Bhutan Blackvein Aporia harrietae Blue Nawab Appias wardii Broadwing Jezabel Delias lativitta Chocolate Albatross Appias lyncida Common Albatross Appias albina Dusky Blackvein Aporia nabellica Fiery Clouded Yellow Colias eogene Kashmir White Pieris deota Ladakh Clouded Yellow Colias ladakensis Lesser Bath White Pontia chloridice Lesser Gull Cepora nadina One-spot Grass Yellow Eurema andersoni Orange Clouded Yellow Colias stoliczkana Pale Wanderer Pareronia avatar Plain Puffin Appias indra Plain Sulphur Dercas lycorias

Family Riodinidae: Lesser Punch Dedona dipoea Orange Punch Deodona egeon Straight Plum Judy Abisara kausambi Striped Punch Dodona adonira





  1. Discophora deo deo – Myanmarese Yellow-banded Duffer
  2. Discophora sondaica zal – Indian Common Duffer
  3. Melanocyma faunula faunuloides – Chin Hills Pallid Faun
  4. Tirumala gautama gautamoides – Nicobar Scarce Blue Tiger
  5. Euploea crameri nicevillei – Sundarbans Spotted Black Crow
  6. Euploea midamus rogenhoferi – Assam Blue-spotted Crow
  7. Allotinus drumila drumila – Himalayan Crenulate Mottle
  8. Allotinus taras – Brown-tipped Mottle (listed in WPA by the synonym, Allotinus panormis)
  9. Amblopala avidiena avidiena – Chinese Red Hairstreak
  10. Arhopala ace arata – Manipur White-lined Oakblue
  11. Arhopala selta constanceae – Andaman Pinkish Oakblue
  12. Arhopala ariel – Tiny Oakblue
  13. Arhopala arvina ardea – Assam Purple-brown Tailless Oakblue
  14. Arhopala asopia – Plain Tailless Oakblue
  15. Arhopala comica – Comic Oakblue
  16. Arhopala opalina opalina – Khasi Opal Oakblue
  17. Arhopala zeta – Andaman Tailless Oakblue
  18. Drupadia scaeva cyara – Himalayan Blue Posy
  19. Ahlbergia leechii – Ferruginous Hairstreak
  20. Castalius rosimon alarbus – Andaman Common Pierrot
  21. Charana cepheis – Scarce Mandarin Blue
  22. Hypolycaena othona othona – Oriental Orchid Tit
  23. Deudorix epijarbas epijarbas – Oriental Cornelian
  24. Shijimia moorei moorei – Chinese Bicolor Cupid
  25. Miletus nymphis porus – Myanmarese Squareband Mottle (listed in WPA as Miletus biggsii – Mottle)
  26. Miletus symethus petronius – Naga Great Mottle
  27. Heliophorus hybrida – Hybrid Sapphire
  28. Horaga albimacula – Violet Onyx
  29. Jamides ferrari ferrari – Nicobar Purplish Cerulean
  30. Liphyra brassolis brassolis – Continental Moth Butterfly
  31. Pamela dudgeonii – Cloaked Hairstreak
  32. Logania watsoniana – White-disc Mottle
  33. Notarthrinus binghami – Purple Hedge Blue
  34. Lycaenopsis haraldus (does not occur in India)
  35. Acytolepis puspa prominens – Nicobarese Common Hedge Blue
  36. Oreolyce dohertyi – Naga Hedge Blue
  37. Prosotas noreia – White-tipped Lineblue
  38. Agriades leela – Leela Mountain Blue
  39. Pratapa icetas mishmia – Mishmi Dark Blue Royal
  40. Simiskina phalena harterti – Himalayan Broad-branded Brilliant
  41. Sinthusa virgo – Pale Spark
  42. Spindasis elwesi – Orange-spot Silverline
  43. Spindasis rukmini – Khaki Silverline
  44. Satyrium mackwoodi – Two-tailed Hairstreak
  45. Tajuria ister ister – Patkai Uncertain Royal
  46. Tajuria luculentus nela – Patkai Black-spot Royal
  47. Tajuria yajna yajna – West Himalayan Chestnut-and-Black Royal
  48. Thermozephyrus ataxus – Wonderful Hairstreak
  49. Iwaseozephyrus mandara – Purple Hairstreak
  50. Chrysozephyrus letha
  51. Shirozuozephyrus paona paona
  52. Euaspa pavo – Peacock Hairstreak
  53. Virachola smilis – Scarce Guava Blue
  54. Chitoria ulupi ulupi – Indian Tawny Emperor
  55. Boloria hegemone houri – Hindu Kush Whitespot Fritillary
  56. Calinaga buddha – Orange-breasted Freak
  57. Charaxes durnfordi nicholi – Myanmarese Chestnut Rajah
  58. Algia fasciata fasciata – Oriental Branded Yeoman
  59. Hestina nicevillei nicevillei – Himalayan Scarce Siren
  60. Dilipa morgiana – Golden Emperor
  61. Doleschallia bisaltide andamanensis – Andaman Autumn Leaf
  62. Charaxes moori sandakanus – Margined Malayan Nawab
  63. Charaxes schreiber – Blue Nawab
  64. Eulaceura manipurensis – Marbled Emperor
  65. Bassarona durga splendens – Splendid Blue Duke
  66. Euthalia iva iva – Himalayan Grand Duke
  67. Euthalia khama curvifascia – Naga Curved Duke
  68. Euthalia telchinia – Blue Baron
  69. Helcyra hemina hemina – Indian White Emperor
  70. Hypolimnas misippus – Danaid Eggfly
  71. Bhagadatta austenia purpurascens – Grey Commodore
  72. Sumalia zulema – Scarce White Commodore
  73. Melitaea shandura – Great Checkerspot
  74. Neptis antilope (does not occur in India)
  75. Phaedyma aspasia – Great Hockeystick Sailer
  76. Neptis cydippe kirbariensis – Naga Broken Hockeystick Sailer
  77. Lasippa ebusa ebusa (does not occur in India)
  78. Neptis manasa manasa – Himalayan Pale Hockeystick Sailer
  79. Neptis nycteus nycteus – Sikkim Hockeystick Sailer
  80. Pantoporia bieti paona – Naga Pallid Lascar
  81. Neptis sankara par
  82. Athyma jina jina – Sullied Bhutan Sergeant
  83. Athyma reta moorei – Malay Lesser Sergeant
  84. Prothoe franck regalis – Regal Blue Begum
  85. Sasakia funebris – Empress
  86. Sephisa chandra chandra – Indian Eastern Courtier
  87. Symbrenthia silana – Scarce Jester
  88. Nymphalis antiopa – Mourning Cloak
  89. Papilio clytia clytia, aberration commixtus – Oriental Common Mime
  90. Papilio elephenor – Yellow-crested Spangle
  91. Papilio liomedon – Malabar Banded Swallowtail
  92. Parnassius acco gemmifer – Varnished Apollo
  93. Parnassius delphius (does not occur in India)
  94. Parnassius hunnyngtoni – Pale Apollo
  95. Parnassius imperator augustus – Imperial Apollo
  96. Parnassius stoliczkanus – Many-eyed Apollo
  97. Losaria coon sambilanga – Great Nicobar Common Clubtail
  98. Byasa crassipes – Black Windmill
  99. Pachliopta hector – Crimson Rose
  100. Byasa nevilli – Two-spotted Windmill
  101. Byasa plutonius pembertoni – Himalayan Pink-spotted Windmill
  102. Byasa polla – Crimson-bordered Windmill
  103. Aporia harrietae harrietae – East Himalayan Dark Blackvein
  104. Baltia butleri sikkima – Sikkim Two-spotted Dwarf
  105. Colias thrasibulus thrasibulus – Chonging Lemon Clouded Yellow
  106. Colias dubia – Dwarf Clouded Yellow
  107. Delias sanaca – Pale Jezebel
  108. Pieris krueperi – Green-banded White
  109. Coelites nothis adamsoni – Kachin Scarce Catseye
  110. Cyllogenes janetae – Scarce Evening Brown
  111. Elymnias peali – Brahmaputra Palmfly
  112. Elymnias penanga chelensis – Khasi Pointed Palmfly
  113. Callerebia annada annada – Bhutan Ringed Argus
  114. Callerebia narasingha narasingha – Himalayan Mottled Argus
  115. Lethe distans – Scarce Red Forester
  116. Lethe dura gammiei – Bhutan Scarce Lilacfork
  117. Lethe tamuna – Clear-eyed Treebrown
  118. Lethe gemina gafuri – Naga Silverline Treebrown
  119. Lethe gulnihal gulnihal – Himalayan Dull Forester
  120. Lethe margaritae – Bhutan Treebrown
  121. Lethe ocellata lyncus – Himalayan Dismal Mystic
  122. Lethe ramadeva – Single Silverstripe
  123. Lethe satyavati – Pallid Forester
  124. Mycalesis orseis nautilus – Oriental Purple Bushbrown
  125. Lasiommata menava – Dark Wall

  126. Ypthima persimilis – Plain Five-ring
  127. Euploea midamus rogenhoferi – Assam Blue-spotted Crow
  128. Abisara kausambi – Straight Judy (does not occur in India)
  129. Dodona adonira – Striped Punch
  130. Dodona dipoea – Lesser Punch
  131. Dodona egeon – Orange Punch
  132. Libythea lepita – Common Beak
  133. Caltoris philippina philippina – Continental Philippine Swift 
  134. Halpe homolea – Indian Ace (does not occur in India)
  135. Allotinus subviolaceus manychus (synonym of Allotinus subviolaceus – Blue Mottle)
  136. Arhopala aberrans – Pale Bushblue
  137. Arhopala oenea – Lackluster Oakblue
  138. Arhopala aurelia – Grey-washed Oakblue
  139. Arhopala agrata – Dull Oakblue
  140. Arhopala alesia – Pallid Oakblue
  141. Flos areste – Tailless Plushblue  
  142. Arhopala bazaloides bazaloides – Broad-bordered Dusted Oakblue 
  143. Arhopala fulla ignara – Thai Spotless Oakblue 
  144. Arhopala ganesa watsoni – Chin Tailless Bushblue 
  145. Flos apidanus ahamus – Assam Plain Plushblue  
  146. Aemona amathusia – Yellow Dryad 
  147. Amathusia andamanensis Andaman Palmking  
  148. Arhopala paraganesa zephyretta – Patkai Dusky Bushblue
  149. Arhopala paralea – Glazed Oakblue
  150. Arhopala silhetensis silhetensis – Broad-bordered Sylhet Oakblue
  151. Rapala suffusa suffusa – Myanmarese Suffused Flash
  152. Arhopala aedias yendava (does not occur in India)
  153. Apharitis lilacinus – Lilac Silverline
  154. Araotes lapithis lapithis – Myanmarese Witch
  155. Orthomiella pontis pontis – Darjeeling Straightwing Blue
  156. Pithecops fulgens fulgens – Assam Blue Quaker
  157. Plebejus devanica devanica – Ladakh Dusky Meadow Blue
  158. Albulina metallica – Metallic Green-underwing
  159. Agriades jaloka – Jaloka Mountain Blue
  160. Patricius younghusbandi – Chumbi Green-underwing
  161. Poritia erycinoides trishna – Khasi Blue Gem
  162. Poritia hewitsoni – Common Gem
  163. Poritia phama geta (synonym of Poritia hewitsoni tavoyana – Indo-Chinese Common Gem)
  164. Maneca bhotea bhotea – Sikkim Slate Royal
  165. Ancema blanka – Silver Royal
  166. Pratapa deva – White Tufted Royal
  167. Pratapa icetas – Dark Blue Royal
  168. Rapala buxaria – Shot Flash  
  169. Sinthusa chandrana chandrana – West Himalayan Broad Spark
  170. Sinthusa nasaka – Narrow Spark
  171. Rapala refulgens – Refulgent Flash
  172. Rapala scintilla scintilla – Himalayan Scarce Slate Flash 
  173. Rapala sphinx (synonym of Rapala melida nicevillei – Patkai Brilliant Flash)
  174. Rapala varuna – Indigo Flash
  175. Virachola rubida – Ruby Guava Blue 
  176. Spindasis elima elima – Indian Scarce Shot Silverline  
  177. Spindasis lohita – Long-banded Silverline
  178. Spindasis nipalicus – Silver-grey Silverline
  179. Suasa lisides lisides – Sylhet Red Imperial
  180. Zinaspa todara – Silver-streaked Acacia Blue   
  181. Tajuria albiplaga albiplaga – Himalayan Pallid Royal  
  182. Tajuria cippus cippus – Indian Peacock Royal  
  183. Tajuria culta – 
  184. Tajuria diaeus diaeus – 
  185. Tajuria illurgioides – 
  186. Tajuria illurgis illurgis – 
  187. Remelana jangala andamanica – 
  188. Tajuria melastigma – 
  189. Tajuria sebonga –  
  190. Tajuria thyia –     
  191. Tajuria yajna istroidea – 
  192. Tarucus callinara – 
  193. Tarucus waterstradti dharta –  
  194. Amathuxidia amythaon amythaon –  
  195. Discophora deo deodoides –  
  196. Discophora lepida lepida –  
  197. Discophora timora andamensis –  
  198. Enispe cycnus – Blue Caliph    
  199. Faunis eumeus assama –  
  200. Stichophthalma nourmahal –  
  201. Artipe eryx eryx –  
  202. Bindahara phocides – 
  203. Bothrinia chennelli chennelli – 
  204. Caleta roxus manluena –  
  205. Acupicta delicatum –   
  206. Catapaecilma major mysotina –  
  207. Rachana jalindra – 
  208. Cheritrella truncipennis –  
  209. Chliaria kina kina – 
  210. Deudorix gaetulia – 
  211. Euchrysops cnejus cnejus – 
  212. Everes diporides – 
  213. Tongeia kala – 
  214. Heliophorus moorei moorei –  
  215. Horaga onyx – 
  216. Horaga albimacula viola – 
  217. Hypolycaena nilgirica – Nilgiri Tit    
  218. Hypolycaena thecloides nicobarica –
  219. Iraota rochana boswelliana –
  220. Jamides alecto kondulana – 
  221. Jamides pura pura – 
  222. Jamides caeruleus caeruleus – 
  223. Jamides kankena –  
  224. Lampides boeticus – 
  225. Udara albocaeruleus albocaeruleus –  
  226. Phengaris atroguttata lampra –  
  227. Acytolepis lilacea lilacea –  
  228. Callenya melaena melaena –  
  229. Logania distanti massalia –  
  230. Anthene lycaenina –  
  231. Mahathala ameria ameria –  
  232. Apporasa atkinsoni –  
  233. Megisba malaya presbyter –  
  234. Prosotas aluta coelestis –  
  235. Catopyrops ancyra aberrans –  
  236. Prosotas nora fulva –  
  237. Ionolyce helicon –  
  238. Nacaduba hermus vicania –  
  239. Neocheritra fabronia fabronia –  
  240. Niphanda cymbia cymbia –  
  241. Chrysozephyrus ataxus ataxus –  
  242. Esakiozephyrus bieti –  
  243. Esakiozephyrus icana –  
  244. Chrysozephyrus jakamensis –  
  245. Chrysozephyrus kabrua kabrua –  
  246. Chrysozephyrus khasia –  
  247. Chrysozephyrus kirbariensis kirbariensis – 
  248. Callerebia suroia –  
  249. Chrysozephyrus syla –  
  250. Chrysozephyrus vittatus vittatus –  
  251. Euaspa ziha –  
  252. Chrysozephyrus zoa zoa –  
  253. Una usta usta –  
  254. Yasoda tripunctata tripunctata –  
  255. Euthalia patala taooana –  
  256. Thaduka multicaudata kanara –  
  257. Charaxes delphis delphis –  
  258. Charaxes dolon –  
  259. Charaxes narcaeus lissainei –  
  260. Euripus consimilis –  
  261. Euripus nyctelius nyctelius –  
  262. Euthalia anosia –  
  263. Tanaecia cocytus cocytus –  
  264. Euthalia duda duda –  
  265. Bassarona durga durga –  
  266. Dophla evelina laudabilis –  
  267. Euthalia franciae –  
  268. Euthalia acontius – 
  269. Tanaecia lepidea –  
  270. Euthalia eriphylae eriphylae –  
  271. Euthalia nara nara –  
  272. Lexias cyanipardus cyanipardus –  
  273. Lexias dirtea –  
  274. Lexias dirtea khasiana –  
  275. Mymathyma chevana chevana –  
  276. Rohana parvata parvata –  
  277. Chitoria sordida sordida –  
  278. Chitoria ulupi ulupi –  
  279. Argynnis adippe persephone –  
  280. Issoria altissima –  
  281. Argynnis clara clara –  
  282. Boloria pales korla –  
  283. Phalanta alcippe –  
  284. Calinaga brahma –  
  285. Charaxes aristogiton aristogiton –  
  286. Charaxes solon sulphureus –  
  287. Charaxes kahruba –  
  288. Charaxes marmax marmax –  
  289. Charaxes bernardus hierax – 
  290. Chersonesia intermedia rahrioides – 
  291. Cyrestis cocles cocles – 
  292. Hestina persimilis – Siren
  293. Charaxes athamas andamanicus – 
  294. Athyma larymna siamensis – 
  295. Athyma pravara acutipennis – 
  296. Athyma ranga – Blackvein Sergeant
  297. Parthenos sylvia – Clipper
  298. Penthema lisarda – Yellow Kaiser
  299. Symbrenthia niphanda – Bluetail Jester
  300. Polygonia c-album agnicula –
  301. Bassarona teuta – Banded Marquis
  302. Herona marathus andamana –
  303. Hypolimnas misippus – Danaid Eggfly
  304. Rhinopalpa polynice birmana –
  305. Kallima albofasciata –
  306. Kallima horsfieldii –
  307. Bhagadatta austenia austenia –
  308. Auzakia danava danava –  
  309. Parasarpa dudu dudu –  
  310. Melitaea robertsi lutko –  
  311. Pantoporia aurelia aurelia –  
  312. Neptis nashona nashona –  
  313. Pantoporia aurelia aurelia –  
  314. Neptis magadha khasiana –  
  315. Neptis nata hampsoni –  
  316. Neptis narayana –  
  317. Neptis radha radha –  
  318. Neptis soma –
  319. Neptis zaida –  
  320. Neurosigma siva siva –  
  321. Athyma asura asura –  
  322. Athyma kanwa phorkys –  
  323. Appias lyncida latifasciata –  
  324. Appias wardii –  
  325. Baltia butleri butleri –  
  326. Cepora nadina remba –  
  327. Cepora nerissa dapha –  
  328. Colias cocandica hinducucica –  
  329. Colias eogene –  
  330. Polygonia l-album –  
  331. Polygonia polychloros – Large Tortoiseshell (does not occur in India)
  332. Araschnia dohertyi –
  333. Aglais rizana –  
  334. Euchloe lucilla (does not occur in India)
  335. Colias ladakensis –  
  336. Colias stoliczkana miranda –  
  337. Delias lativitta –  
  338. Dercas lycorias lycorias –  
  339. Eurema andersonii ormistoni –  
  340. Aporia agathon – Great Blackvein
  341. Pieris deota –  
  342. Pontia chloridice – 
  343. Saletara liberia chrysaea – 
  344. Pareronia avatar – Pale Wanderer    
  345. Aulocera brahminus –  
  346. Cyllogenes suradeva –  
  347. Elymnias malelas nilamba –  
  348. Elymnias vasudeva –  
  349. Callerebia suroia –  
  350. Callerebia hyagriva –  
  351. Callerebia kalinda kalinda –  
  352. Paralasa mani – Yellow Argus
  353. Callerebia opima –
  354. Erites falcipennis falcipennis –
  355. Bhutanitis lidderdalii lidderdalii –
  356. Papilio epycides epycides –
  357. Papilio paradoxa telearchus –
  358. Papilio slateri slateri –
  359. Graphium aristeus anticrates –
  360. Graphium arycles arycles –
  361. Graphium eurypylus macronius –
  362. Graphium evemon albociliatus –
  363. Graphium megarus megarus –
  364. Papilio bootes –
  365. Papilio buddha –
  366. Papilio prexaspes andamanicus –
  367. Papilio machaon verityi –
  368. Papilio mayo –
  369. Parnassius charltonius charltonius –
  370. Parnassius epaphus hillensis –
  371. Parnassius jacquemontii jacquemontii –
  372. Byasa latreillei kabrua –
  373. Byasa tytleri –
  374. Teinopalpus imperialis imperialis –
  375. Lethe goalpara goalpara –
  376. Aporia nabellica nabellica –
  377. Appias albina darada –
  378. Appias indra shiva –
  379. Lethe moelleri moelleri –
  380. Lethe naga –
  381. Lethe nicetella –
  382. Neope pulaha –
  383. Lethe scanda –
  384. Lethe serbonis –
  385. Lethe siderea siderea –
  386. Lethe sinorix sinorix –
  387. Lethe tristigmata –
  388. Lethe kanjupkula kanjupkula –
  389. Lethe visrava – White-edged Woodbrown
  390. Neope yama –
  391. Hyponephele davendra –
  392. Melanitis zitenius –
  393. Mycalesis adamsonii –
  394. Chazara heydenreichi shandura –
  395. Lethe atkinsonia –
  396. Lethe baladeva –
  397. Lethe brisanda –
  398. Lethe insana insana –
  399. Lethe jalaurida –
  400. Lethe kabrua –
  401. Lethe latiaris latiaris –
  402. Heteropsis lepcha bethami –
  403. Mycalesis malsarida –
  404. Mycalesis mestra –
  405. Mycalesis mineus –
  406. Mycalesis mystes –
  407. Mycalesis suaveolens –
  408. Neorina hilda –
  409. Neorina patria –
  410. Oeneis buddha garhwalica –
  411. Parantirrhoea marshalli –
  412. Kirinia eversmanni cashmirensis –
  413. Lasiommata maerula maerula –
  414. Ragadia crito – 
  415. Rhaphicera satricus kabrua –
  416. Ypthima bolanica –
  417. Mycalesis anaxias –
  418. Mycalesis gotama charaka –
  419. Mycalesis heri –
  420. Ypthima lycus lycus –
  421. Ypthima methora methora –
  422. Zipaetis saitis – Banded Catseye

  423. Euploea scherzeri simulatrix – Great Nicobar Cinnamon Crow
  424. Euploea klugii klugii – Blue King Crow
  425. Euploea radamanthus radamanthus – Magpie Crow
  426. Euploea mulciber – Striped Blue Crow
  427. Baoris farri – Complete Paint-brush Swift
  428. Hasora vitta – Plain Banded Awl
  429. Hyarotis adrastus – Tree Flitter
  430. Oriens concinna – Sahyadri Dartlet
  431. Pelopidas assamensis – Great Swift
  432. Pelopidas sinensis – Chinese Branded Swift
  433. Polytremis discreta discreta – Himalayan White-fringed Swift
  434. Polytremis lubricans lubricans – Oriental Contiguous Swift
  435. Thoressa honorei – Sahyadri Orange Ace
  436. Tarucus ananda – Dark Pierrot
  437. Euthalia lubentina – Gaudy Baron
  438. Aporia agathon caphusa – Garhwal Great Blackvein
  439. Appias libythea – Striped Albatross
  440. Appias galba – Indian Orange Albatross
  441. Prioneris sita – Painted Sawtooth



Bhutanitis (all species)

Page citation

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