Rhynchosia minima – Least Snoutbean

Other notes

Natural History: Native Perennial Climber.
It is a trailing climber with trifoliate leaves and is found across tropical regions. Flowers are pea-like, yellow coloured with red streaks. Fruits are flat, curved, oblong pods (Flowers of India 2024).

Note: This plant was previously reported as a larval host plant for Leptotes plinius – Zebra Blue from Sri Lanka (Jayasinghe et al., 2014), Rajesh Prabhakar Mahajan confirmed its use in India from Jalgaon, Maharashtra in November 2020.

Other Common Names: Burn-Mouth Vine, Jumby-Bean (Flowers of India 2024).

Vernacular Names: Hindi: Kulata (कुलटा), Kulthi (कुलथी);  Kannada: Bettadavare (ಬೆಟ್ಟದವರೆ), Ghattadavare (ಘಟ್ಟದವರೆ);  Marathi: Dhakta Ran-ghevada (धाकटा रानघेवडा);  Oriya: Mraalu Vudathpani (ମ୍ରାଳୁ ବୁଡାଥପାଣି);  Tamil: Kaliyanthuvarai (காலியாந்துவரை), Kattukkoli (காட்டுக்கொள்), Thuvaraivakai (துவரைவகை);  Telugu: Gaddi Chikkudu (గడ్డి చిక్కుడు) (Flowers of India 2024).

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Page citation

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