Crotalaria verrucosa – Blue Rattlepod

Larval Host Plant

Lampides boeticus – Pea Blue

Other notes

Natural History: Native Annual Sub-shrub.
It is an annual sub-shrub native to tropical Asia. The flowers are pea-like and blue in color, and are borne in 10-20 flowered racemes. The fruits are oblong pods containing 10-12 seeds. The flowering season occurs from August to November (Flowers of India 2023; WFO 2023).

Note: This plant was previously reported as a larval host plant for Lampides boeticus – Pea Blue from Sri Lanka (Jayasinghe et al. 2014), Nitin Kawthankar confirmed its use in India from Sindhudurg, Maharashtra in October 2023.
Additionally, this plant has been reported as a larval host plant for Jamides bochus – Dark Cerulean from Taiwan (Robinson et al. 2023), whether it is used in India, needs to be confirmed.

Vernacular Names: Bengali: Bansan (নশণ);  Gujarati: Ghugharo (ઘૂઘરો);  Hindi: Banshan (बनशण), Jhunjhunia (झुनझुनिया);  Kannada: Gijigiji gida (ಗಿಜಿಗಿಜಿ ಗಿಡ);  Konkani: Bhat ghagari (भाट घागरी);  Malayalam: Kilukilukki (കിലുകിലുക്കി), Kilukiluppa (കിലുകിലുപ്പ);  Marathi: Bhat ghagari (भाट घागरी), Khulkhula (खुळखुळा), Sagar tag (सागर ताग);  Sanskrit: Brihatpuspi (बृहत्पुष्पी), Shanapuspi (शणपुष्पी);  Tamil: Cankuniti (சங்குநிதி), Kilu-kiluppai (கிலுகிலுப்பை);  Telugu: Giliginta (గిలిగింత) (Flowers of India 2023).

Plant-Butterfly Interactions: Lampides boeticus – Pea Blue caterpillars feed on the flower buds and immature fruits of this plant.

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